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[Bathroom Reading] The Rise And The Fall Of Arian Foster

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[Bathroom Reading] The Rise And The Fall Of Arian Foster Empty [Bathroom Reading] The Rise And The Fall Of Arian Foster

Post by Tony on Thu Oct 23, 2014 9:46 am

Arian Foster had it all. The fame, the fortune, the looks, and the generally unmatched athletic ability. He had been the catalyst and main beneficiary of a whirlwind of success started soon after his entrance into the league as an undrafted free agent four years years ago, so he was no stranger to accolades piling up.

Arian had registered three Pro Bowler designations, with eyes on a fourth this season, and never rushed for less than 1,200 yards in a season where he was healthy for at least three quarters of the season.

With this and more to look back on, it is no surprise whatsoever when he went off last week, albeit against the hapless Indianapolis Colts who are rocking an 0-7 record on their way to 'Sucking For Whatever Player Is Akin To Luck This Year'.

Arian Foster did his due diligence, pounding away at the porous Colts defense tallying two NFL single game records, one via outright ownership and the other a tie.

The first record broken was the Single Game Rushing Record, previously established by Adrian Peterson and his 296 yard rumble against an almost as equally generous Chargers defense. Foster smashed that record garnering 338 yards of his own.

The other record Foster put on his shelf is a tie for the single game touchdown record, a record not matched at point until now in the over 80 years since it was set back in the 1920s. Foster smashed into the opposing team's endzone for a whopping 6 touchdowns.

Houston Texans fans have long been amazed by his exploits and the team bouyed by his success, but as of today that will be no more.

The league, in an unexpected press conference scheduled in the early morning hours, shocked fans of teams worldwide when they announced the conclusion of a league funded Task Force investigation, using the likes of retired FBI And DEA agents, into the league's substance abuse and performance enhancing drug problem.

While all the details were not readily provided in this introduction, it is now known that dozens of players have been ensnared, with sources adding the possibility of hundreds involved one way or another.

League officials wasted little time in presenting their first, star offender for the media to see - Arian Foster.

With the draw dropping announcement, no one remembered his last game and the records broken or tied. No one remembered the past three seasons of brilliance. All anyone could do is just stare in disbelief.

Arian Foster, according to various slides displayed by the league, was an intense performance enhancing drug user throughout his NFL career, but further light shed on the matter showed that it didn't stop there. According to additional documents provided at the press conference it was illustrated that Arian Foster was a fundamental part of the process in getting PEDs to various players in locker rooms around the league.

Arian Foster's punishment was laid down with a heavy hand as the star running back was suspended from all team activity for the total of two games, a mighty blow to a team looking to start putting the finishing touches on a division crown with a matchup against the trailing, 4-2 division rival Titans. The Texans boast a 6-1 record, so a win puts them firmly in the top place in the South.

Now, without their star running back, a division crown is far from a guarantee.

The Texans can survive this suspension, but whether they'll come back as strong as they were previously is very much in doubt.

No other players were named during the press conference and no word was given on when they'd also find themselves revealed, so speculation will run wild with other players having otherworldly seasons to now call into question. An excellent example being Mike Evans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who is turning heads and championing his team to an undefeated as of late record.


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