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The first ever BTH weekly power rankings: [WK 8]

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The first ever BTH weekly power rankings: [WK 8] Empty The first ever BTH weekly power rankings: [WK 8]

Post by calliphlyboy21 on Fri Oct 24, 2014 1:23 pm

The first ever BTH weekly power rankings: [WK 8] 3
1. (1) Chicago Bears
Record 7-0

Chicago handily claims the first #1 spot in the power rankings with an NFC leading perfect record.  Their most recent opponent, the Miami Dolphins, proved no match for this well balanced team on either side of the ball.  With over 3000 yds of total offense already this season--attributed mostly to one of the league's leading rushers, Matt Forte--though Alshon Jeffery is doing his part--the Bears are hungry for victory and so far that seems to have been easy pickins for them.  Now, headed to Foxborough to take on the formidable New England Patriots, can they keep this league leading streak alive?  Appears to be a promising matchup, indeed.
The first ever BTH weekly power rankings: [WK 8] 27
2. (3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Record 6-0

After a dismal 2013 season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers franchise went under reconstruction--hiring rookie head coach Z. Pederson.  A choice that has proven to be highly rewarding for the 2014 NFC South leading Bucs.  Though on their bye week in week 7, Quarterback Mike Glennon and rookie wideout-wonder, Mike Evans, maintain the lead in their respective positions for total yards this season.  Are both already front runners for this year's MVP award? Possible.  Minnesota's Cordarelle Patterson looks to exploit the weaknesses in the Bucs secondary.  Still, the Vikings defense will have to be able to withstand the dominance of Tampa Bay's relentless offensive attack in order to have a chance to hand them their first loss of the season.  
The first ever BTH weekly power rankings: [WK 8] 5
3. (2) Cleveland Browns
Record 6-0

Landing in the third spot in the week 8 power rankings are the Cleveland Browns.  That's right.  Whether you expected it or not, Johnny Football and company are breaking down opponents week in and week out.  This week's victims, the Jacksonville Jaguars, who allowed Eddie Lacy 204 yards and 2 touchdowns on the ground in a notable 38-15 loss.  The key to the Browns success, however, seems to be their defense, with outstanding performances in crucial categories including yards per game and turnover differential.  This weeks opponent, Oakland, doesn't appear to have much of a chance of bringing down this team, so look for Cleveland to possibly continue climbing the ranks this week.
The first ever BTH weekly power rankings: [WK 8] 7
4. (4) Denver Broncos
Record 6-0

The Denver Broncos had quite a battle in week 7 in the mile high city.  The visiting San Francisco 49ers seemed to have Peyton Manning on lockdown, causing 4 interceptions and allowing 0 points through 3 quarters of play.  Denver showed its resilience, however, by scoring 17 unanswered points in the final quarter to win the game.  Aqib Talib was a difference maker with 7 tackles, including two for a loss, and two picks of his own.  This team takes the #4 spot because they proved this week once again that they know just what you need to know to succeed in BTH:  How to get the W!
The first ever BTH weekly power rankings: [WK 8] 17
5. (6) New England Patriots
Record 6-1

Maintaining success in the BTH league is often highly dependent on who is behind center leading the team  Since the loss of Tom Brady in week 3, who was the league leader in passer rating, Brian Hoyer has had to fill those illustrious shoes in New England,  and so far so good.  With Hoyer throwing for over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns on the way to a seamless win against the rival New York Jets.  With the help of Gronk and Shane Vereen, this offense seems to be handling the loss of the team leader with ease.  Not allowing a loss at Foxborough yet this year, can the Pats hold off Chicago's strong run game in week 8 to keep their home streak alive?
The first ever BTH weekly power rankings: [WK 8] 26
6. (9) Seattle Seahawks
Record 5-1

Though they may not have as many wins as some of the lower ranked teams, the returning champion 'Hawks are a solid lock for #6 on the premiere of the BTH power rankings.  Riding heavily on the #LOB's staggering 15 interceptions through 6 games, the Seattle defense has allowed only 115 points to their opponents.  And with an ensuring defeat of St. Louis, 37-6, this team is poised to continue their success through week 8 when they take on the disappointing Carolina Panthers.  Watch out for this team to take flight higher up the ranks soon enough.

The first ever BTH weekly power rankings: [WK 8] 34
7. (8 ) Houston Texans
Record 5-1
After some controversy has arisen this week, involving rushing league leader and superstar running back, Arian Foster, the Houston Texans look to stay focused on the rest of the season ahead of them.  They seem to know how to bounce back well, seeing as though they are on a 6 game winning streak since losing the first game of the year.  Nevertheless, how will the team respond to the BTH administration's accusations, while still keeping play going just as well on the playing field.  Next week's divisional battle against the Tennessee Titans could prove to be a decisive moment in this team's season, allowing the fans of BTH to see the true colors of this seemingly budding young franchise.

The first ever BTH weekly power rankings: [WK 8] 16
8. (10) Minnesota Vikings
Record 5-2
Sharing a division with the Bears cannot be easy, but Minnesota picks up the slack by sporting the highest scoring offense in the league.  Rookie Teddy Bridgewater is stepping up considerably well so far this year, passing for over 2,000 yards already and 22 touchdowns(league's highest) to only six interceptions.  Add to that a powerful rushing attack headed up by none other than Adrian Peterson and you've got yourself something special on offense.  That offense clearly demonstrated it's prowess with a shut out win over the Buffalo Bills, 52-0, drawing some criticism for running up the score.  But if this team can continue to show this kind of dominance, expect to see them around for a while.

The first ever BTH weekly power rankings: [WK 8] 25
9. (5) San Francisco 49ers
Record 5-2
Though a shocking loss was the final result of an astounding defensive performance by San Fran against the Broncos, this team is neither down nor out.  The first 2 loss team to land a spot on the rankings this week (both losses coming from undefeated teams), the 49ers have a lot to be proud of this year.  Colin Kaepernick bolsters a league leading total in rushing offense, as does the team as a whole.  Similarly, on defense, they are the NFC's best at stopping the run.  With a bye week coming, if they can get their giveaways under control in practice, expect to see this team on these rankings for quite some time.

The first ever BTH weekly power rankings: [WK 8] 10
10. (11) Tennessee Titans
Jake Locker and the Tennessee Titans finish up our rankings at #10 after escaping Washington with a field goal win.  But a win's a win, and Locker helped make it happen, throwing for 340+ yards and a perfect 3 touchdowns to help the team get it done.  The defense did well containing the dangerous RGIII, allowing him only one touchdown on the ground and none through the air.  Though not the most consistent team in points throughout the season, Tennessee is tough and plans to give the Texans quite a battle next week in a home game that might set the stage for how this division will eventually play out.

On the outside looking in: The first ever BTH weekly power rankings: [WK 8] 28(5-2)


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