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[WK10] BTH power rankings

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[WK10] BTH power rankings  Empty [WK10] BTH power rankings

Post by calliphlyboy21 on Sun Nov 02, 2014 1:17 pm

[WK10] BTH power rankings  27
1. (-) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Record 8-0

There's something magical happening in central Florida this football season.  We may be watching the rebirth of a storied NFL franchise with perhaps some of the most unlikely of stars.  Mike Glennon, a second year veteran, if you can call it that, is playing with a skill and precision of even the most heralded veterans.  And  Mike Evans, what can you say about Mike: He's electric!  And even Andre Ellington, a trade-in from Arizona is helping to make this a balanced team with a recent trend of solid rushing.  A closely contested battle between to juggernauts of the two conferences is perhaps a herald of a possible Lombardi Trophy bout promising a thrilling post season.

[WK10] BTH power rankings  7
2. (-) Denver Broncos
Record 8-0

Coming off a record breaking season at the head of the Broncos offense, Manning has not lost his tenacity.  The man just reads the game better than anyone.  Taking on a difficult opponent in New England, the team showed poise and focus leading to a 34-28 win.  One of the biggest performers of the week, rookie Odell Bekham Jr, led the Broncs receiving corps with 9 catches for 174 yards and to of those catches being touchdowns.  The teams defense will most definitely have to become more consistent and make some things happen in order to keep the winning streak alive in Mile High.

[WK10] BTH power rankings  34
3. (-) Houston Texans
Record 8-1

Sliding up a couple spots on the rankings, coming off a hot win in Philadelphia, the Texans are excited to be leading the AFC south and are ready to keep their 8 game streak of wins alive.  Andre Johnson proved himself an elite performer bye putting just a few receptions into an over 200 yards game.  With players like this on an offense together, its a wonder if there is any defense that can stop them from winning.  They can beat you on so many levels.  Fortunately, they will have their bye week in week 10 in order to become ready to deliver another win to Houston.  

[WK10] BTH power rankings  3
4. (-) Chicago Bears
Record 7-1

Many in the league are excited to see the Bears come back from a bye week and a loss to see what kind of reliance they can show and what kind of team this can become.  All the assets are there, you just gotta make the right moves and deliver victory, the only thing that truly sets you apart from anyone else.  Whatever the current status, there's no more playing around heading into Lambough to take on division rival Packers for the second time in the year.  They steadily succeeded then, can they do it again?

[WK10] BTH power rankings  5
5. (-) Cleveland Browns
Record 8-1

Losing is hard on everyone when it happens, but it is especially worse when it comes on heartbreakingly close circumstances.  The Browns did not come out the victors on Sunday, but I don't see any indication this team is ready to even accept that.  Losing is not what happens in Cleveland this year.  So expect to see an invigorated group going against the Bengals in week 10.  The Bengals show some strength, but will it be enough to shock the mighty Browns once again.  It a tough defense they are headed up against and Johnny Football has had a knock for throwing interceptions.

[WK10] BTH power rankings  26
6. (-) Seattle Seahawks
Record 7-1

Despite all the distractions in the front office in week 9, Seattle soared over their opponents with relative ease.  Russel Wilson put together a 4 touchdown affair, with 3 through the air and 1 by running it into the endzone.  But most impressive this week was seeing two young, up and coming running backs, coming into this game with little to no expectations for greatness, and coming away with epic performances.  Christine Michael pounded away for 284 yards, close to the single game record, while teammate Bryce Brown put 111 yards of work in.  All that can be said is be wary giving any room to this team cause if you give them an inch, they will take a mile.

[WK10] BTH power rankings  28
7. (8) Washington Redskins
Record 7-2

A far too unannounced competitor in the BTH are the underestimated Redskins.  This team just figures out how to beat each opponent whatever it takes.  No real superstar stickouts or playmaking plugs to speak of, just one competent team determined to show up every Sunday and play some damn good football. Getting back into their winning ways and staying there will probably be what makes people pay attention more or less to this team.  Once you chalk one on the win column, its great and you feel accomplished.  Now go out and get another one.

[WK10] BTH power rankings  17
8. (7) New England Patriots
Record 7-2

In a battle of two of the premiere league quarterbacks, you can expect to see some fireworks.  Not many for Tom Brady in his return to the starting squad this week, but there is confidence in his improvement throughout the next few weeks.  All that will be a question is whether or not his teammates will do their jobs and contribute out there on the gridiron.  They have got some kinks to work out during the bye week, so expect a lot of silence from New England's training field as this team looks to get back on a winning road.

[WK10] BTH power rankings  25
9. (-) San Francisco 49ers
Record 6-2

Still staying solid in San Francisco.  As the visiting St Louis Rams charged their way into gear, the 49ers simply made more plays.  It was no banner day for Kaepernick, but his humility made room for the rushing tandem of Carlos Hyde and Frank Gore (the San Francisco 49ers all-time leader in rushing yards) to step out into the spotlight and shine.  And did they indeed... combining for over 200 yards and 3 touchdowns, this is just what offensive coordinators and couches love to see.  With a defense as devastatingly difficult to unravel, and an offense so poised to punish, this could be a team climbing higher each week if they keep their play consistent.

[WK10] BTH power rankings  4
10. (-) Cincinnati Bengals
Record 6-2

What's going on in downtown Cincinnati?  Big things are happening.  Maybe its the chili.  Maybe its the chills in the weather.  Or maybe its the chill style of play by these Bengals that is helping them to first half of the season.  Everyone on the team just seems loose and comfortable with each other on the field and off.  A happy locker room can lead to good things on the playing field.  You have to hand it to the Callihan's for making those arrangements to keep the Bengals in the family, because this is a team looking to make some statements and soon.

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