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[WK9] BTH Power Rankings

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[WK9] BTH Power Rankings Empty [WK9] BTH Power Rankings

Post by calliphlyboy21 Tue Oct 28, 2014 2:20 pm

[WK9] BTH Power Rankings 5
1. (-) Cleveland Browns
Record 7-0

The Browns proved in week 7 that they deserved to be noticed.  They showed poise and rigor in all three aspects of the game.  The solid defense, though allowing 400+ of total offense, were still staunch competitors for the ball, evidenced most clearly by the play of linebacker Dunta Hightower, who had 4 sacks and 9 total tackles.  The offense was also consistent, though not explosive; Manziel and Lacy just figured out how to get the ball in the endzone.  This week's matchup will be two top undefeated teams when the Browns host the Buccaneers.  It will be interesting to see who will continue through to week 10 without a loss.  My money's on this defense.

[WK9] BTH Power Rankings 27
2. (-) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Record 7-0

Not surprising to hear that the winning combination in TB this week was Mike Glennon to Mike Evans.  The two connected up 12 times for two scores and 150 yards in a rout of the Minnesota Vikings, 45-24. But will Tampa be able to maintain that kind of strength and consistency against such a well rounded Cleveland team without switching up the gameplan.  Who knows, maybe the magic of Mike and Mike will muster up a victory and push this team to the top of the conversation for team prestige in 2014.

[WK9] BTH Power Rankings 7
3. (-) Denver Broncos
Record 7-0

Hall-of-fame-bound Peyton Manning showed up to play again this week, missing his career single game record of 7 touchdowns by just one, counting 6 to one interception in a close game against division rivals San Diego.  Peyton threw for those 6 touchdowns on only 13 completed passes out of 17 attempted. But once again, this week's rankings tell of impending competition between closely ranked teams, as Denver travels to Foxborough to take on the 7-1 Patriots in week 9.  This once again promises to be an epic AFC battle for supremacy as teams are already fighting for that moniker of success that comes with winning in the BTH football league.

[WK9] BTH Power Rankings 17
4. (-) New England Patriots
Record 7-1

When your franchise quarterback takes a fall, your offense must find someone to look to for consistency and leadership, who for the Patriots this week was Shane Vereen.  Vereen had a career day with 19 carries for 235 yards and 4 touchdowns, including 3 carries for over 20 yards.  His 73 yard run leading to a touchdown gave a spark to the New England team as they fought off a relentless Chicago Bears team determined to take home a win.  Also, another key to victory was simply keeping strong in the redzone as the defense held the Bears to a critical field goal that would in the end be the difference between winning and losing.  One question I know is one every mind in NE:  Will Tom Brady return, and what will this team be capable of when he does?

[WK9] BTH Power Rankings 34
5. (-) Houston Texans
Record 7-1

Houston was able to hop up two spots in the rankings this week after a close edging of division opponents, the Tennessee Titans.  After the suspension last week of Foster, keeping him on the sidelines for most likely two more games, the Texans have handed the ball off to Doug Martin, a pickup from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, brought in to give Foster some room to rest.  Martin had a solid day, but didn't come close to putting up the kind of numbers provided by his predecessor.  The question is, can this team endure the next couple weeks with a weaker running game, or will we be biting our nails each week toward the end of each Houston game?

[WK9] BTH Power Rankings 3
6. (-) Chicago Bears
Record 7-1

One of the facets of being in such a competitive league as the BTH is how quickly your position can change.  The Chicago Bears were the number one team on the power rankings just one week ago, but with one loss in week 8, they drop considerably to the number six spot.  Still a dominant team, with Matt Forte, Alshon Jeffery, and Jay Cutler making up a decisive offense, and a defense determined to compete, don't expect to see this team on the down and out.  I expect to see a bounce back with the Bears climbing up the rankings again, shortly after they take a well earned bye week into week 10.

[WK9] BTH Power Rankings 26
7. (-) Seattle Seahawks
Record 6-1

While slowly slipping down the rankings, even with a win on the road this week, the Seahawks made a move and traded Beast Mode back to his old stomping ground in Buffalo.  Marshawn Lynch was a big part of the win against Carolina in week 8, racking up 250 yards and 3 touchdowns on the ground, which may have added to his value considerably as the trade deadline quickly approached.  Many in Seattle nowadays are wondering what the ground game is going to look like now that Lynch has departed.  Still, there are some new toys for Russell Wilson, plus some draft options to consider.  This was certainly never a one-dimensional team to begin with.  The Raiders in week 9 will be the first chance to see what this offense can do in such a seemingly different form.

[WK9] BTH Power Rankings 25
9. (-) San Francisco 49ers
Record 5-2

Even after a bye week, the San Francisco 49ers remain steady on the rankings in the ninth spot.  Coach Jim Harbaugh spoke to the press this week, stressing the importance of keeping possession.  The run game on both sides of the ball for this team is a formidable strength.  Looking forward to the St. Louis Rams coming to town, Colin Kaepernick and company are anxious to reassert their dominance as a team to be watched in the BTH this year.

[WK9] BTH Power Rankings 4
10. (-) Cincinnati Bengals
Record 5-2

Making their first appearance on the rankings are the Cincinnati Bengals... a team struggling to establish their credibility as contenders this season.  As the seventh ranked defense in the league, not many offenses have found a way to outsmart or outgun them.  Andy Dalton leads a modge-podge group of players on offense, with perhaps one particular standout in AJ Green, who is trying to give Mike Evans a run for his money as the top NFC wideout.  In week 9's game against the Baltimore Ravens, the Bengals did just enough to outlast the visitors, 17-10.So if they plan to stay competitive and on the power rankings each week, they will need to step up their game just a little bit more and show the rest of the league who these Cincinnati Bengals really are.

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[WK9] BTH Power Rankings Empty Re: [WK9] BTH Power Rankings

Post by ZPederson11 Thu Oct 30, 2014 3:59 pm

#1 vs #2 this week and Bucs prevailed. Looking for that #1 spot next week.


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